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5 Tips for Marketing Your App on a Modest Budget

There is a mobile movement going on!

Majority of the internet traffic is now coming from mobile devices. CEO of Amazon Jeff Bezos said that over $1 Billion of sales were generated only from mobile devices. These stats alone are because of the amazon app on mobile devices and if you think your app marketing budget is too low to meet these sales don’t worry you don’t need high budgets to meet great marketing.


How much money do you need to market your app?. 1

1.      Apply for Awards!. 2

2.      YouTube It!. 2

3.      Debate on Forums!. 2

4.      Talk about it on a blog!. 3

5.      Optimize on the App store!. 3

Conclusion. 3

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How much money do you need to market your app?

Okay, you don’t need super high budgets to market your application. You just need knowledge and creativity to get your downloads soaring through the sky in no time. Marketing your application is no different than marketing your website. On the contrary its actually easier than web marketing. This is because your website is the first place where your application can get downloads. Simply add a download button on your moth mobile and web version of your website and do proper SEO for it.

Don’t think that the web version would not be able to bring download. Google has this amazing feature that allows users to remotely download apps on their cell phones through their Gmail account synced with their desktop.

So the next time you create a download now button on your website. Don’t worry about it because it will initiate a download on the user’s cell phone!

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Here are a few more ways to market your app with a moderate budget!

1.Apply for Awards!

There are multiple platforms on the web that give awards to the best application in the category. The award system does not work on the number of downloads the application has. Instead, it works on the Application idea and its features.

Even if you don’t in the award being a nominee on such platforms would be enough juice to power up your application to reach for the stars!

2.YouTube It!

It’s the digital world and we fail to realize the importance of YouTube. There are millions of users on this platform that are hungry for content. You can easily market your application by showcasing it in a video, by making how-to videos on the application, or simply show how the app works in daily life.

The best part of YouTube marketing is that its free strategies only need you to be consistent with content creation. If you maintain the daily or weekly requirements of YouTube, your app will automatically be shared for free. So keep up a consistent and good rhythm of videos on YouTube over exceed but don’t downgrade your video’s per week as this tell YouTube that you are not interested anymore.

Make a realistic benchmark of the number of app-related videos you would make in a week and religiously follow that.

3.Debate on Forums!

If you want downloads you gotta make your app go viral. The best way to make anything viral these days is Reddit. The platform for heated debates and the birthplace of viral content. Reddit content gets viral not only on Reddit but on other social media platforms as well.

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Simply join the groups related to the genre of your application and start talking. But don’t try any hidden marketing tactics. The users on this platform are smart and pick up on the slightest scent of marketing tactics. Also, the groups on Reddit are very strict regarding their rules. If you violate any be prepared to be kicked out or blocked fast. This is avoidable however if you only join groups that one way or the other support your application or remotely related to it.

4.Talk about it on a blog! 

The Internet is a vast playground where you can find all sorts of things and all sorts of methods to do any task. There are ways you wouldn’t have imagined that can get you downloads on your application. One of these methods is called blog commenting. It’s as simple as commenting on someone’s Facebook status or post.

Just go to google type your nitch, add a plus sign and write “blog”. This would trigger google to show blogs in your nitch that have comments open. Many blogs now have admin approval before posting, so make sure your comment contributes to the blog. This is possible when you read it before commenting. There is a high chance your comment might not get approved if you sound promotional but if you are suggesting your app as a third person to the blog your comments might get approved and get you some traffic.

5.Optimize on the App store!

App Store or google play store works like search engines. You type a keyword and results matching your keywords show up. Just like SEO marketing you need to have relevant keyword content in your app description and all other places where you can add text to promote the SEO of your application. This is called app store optimization. It is not as tough as it may seem, but make sure you avoid keyword stuffing as it might harm your optimization.

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App Store or google play optimization can also land your apple on google search results too. So make sure your SEO is done for both app store optimization and google search engines as well.


Digital marketing has made marketing cost-effective. Even the paid methods of promoting an application are cheap compared to its conversion rate. But hey when you have organic methods why invest.

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