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Coming Together for the Perfect E-Commerce Optimization

Partnering with eBridge allows for both companies to showcase their industry knowledge and their dedication to placing their customers first.

Since its inception, the internet has been a catalyst for innovation. We now live in a connected world that has broken down borders and made communication and commerce a global phenomenon.

Due to the effects of COVID-19, people across the globe are confined to their homes. As a result, they have gone online to stay connected with family, friends, and the eCommerce market. Economies and offline businesses have been crippled, and a sustainable solution still seems to be far away. Even before the pandemic, many large businesses sought to sell online. In the era of COVID-19, we see that businesses more than ever are rushing to get online fast. This will be a driving force in changing how consumers shop.

Consagous Technologies has been serving eCommerce-based businesses for over a decade now. Consagous offers a variety of IT solutions, web development and digital marketing services.

When a company like Consagous collaborates with eBridge Connections, the industry leader in ERP integration, the possibilities for online merchants are endless. You are already familiar with Consagous, here’s something about our newest partner.

About eBridge Connections

  • Since their inception in 1993, eBridge has developed seamless solutions for ERP integration.
  • Gradually, they transitioned to offer cloud-based integration services hosted on Microsoft Azure.
  • eBridge’s development, implementation, and support team is housed under one roof.
  • Their ERP and eCommerce integration makes it easy to simplify accounting, track inventory, and enable bi-directional data flow for countless other touchpoints.
  • With decades of experience, eBridge is a trusted partner of some of leading eCommerce, ERP, and CRM solution providers such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Amazon, SAP, Microsoft, Sage, NetSuite, and more.
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What the Collaboration Has In-Store

Consagous Technologies has garnered the trust of clients all over the world with more than 700 projects, Consagous has never compromised their work. Consagous has ensured complete customer satisfaction and world-class service with each project.

Partnering with eBridge allows for both companies to showcase their industry knowledge and their dedication to placing their customers first. Together they can help businesses excel in their e-commerce strategy.

  • Consagous is known globally for seamless web and app development. By partnering with eBridge, Consagous will be a one-stop solution for a sophisticated e-commerce store development and ERP integration solutions. 
  • Both Consagous Technologies and eBridge Connections have years of experience under their belts. With their unified experience, both companies can craft an eCommerce solution that will ensure online merchants’ success. 
  • The main objective for both companies is to ensure complete client satisfaction, as both organizations are dedicated to their customers. Both Consagous and eBridge plan on working in tandem with each other. 
  • Both Consagous and eBridge Connections have been recognized by the eCommerce industry through many awards and certifications. This is due to their ongoing dedication to producing quality work and being dedicated to their customers.

If you are looking to expand your reach online with an eCommerce store, or upgrade your current site, then reach out to Consagous Technologies. We can assist you in crafting a modern and user-friendly online shopping experience for your customers.

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Address: 3325 West Cuyler Avenue, Chicago, IL 60618
Phone: +1 (512) 488-3568

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