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How To Ensure Your Laptop With The Best Features And Benefits?

Today, laptops have become similar to notebooks. You must have observed every student, professional or expert owning a laptop. These portable devices have become an essential part of our daily lives. One cannot even imagine a life without them. For instance, you will be in deep trouble if your laptop is damaged and sent for […]


Know How Car Models Affect Car Insurance Premium

If you buy a car, you should know that every car owner must cover their vehicle under an appropriate insurance policy. In India, you have two options to become a car owner. One is to buy a brand new car, and second, you can buy a second-hand car. In the case of a second-hand vehicle, […]


Essential Things that do Not Come Under Personal Accident Insurance

In India, every minute a serious road accident occurs and 16 die due to the same in an hour. In a similar context, more than 1,200 road crashes are witnessed in India, and 377 individuals die, in a day. In most cases (25%), two-wheeler motor vehicles are accountable for road crashes.  These accidents mostly occur […]