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How To Ensure Your Laptop With The Best Features And Benefits?

Today, laptops have become similar to notebooks. You must have observed every student, professional or expert owning a laptop. These portable devices have become an essential part of our daily lives. One cannot even imagine a life without them. For instance, you will be in deep trouble if your laptop is damaged and sent for repair. Furthermore, it takes a lot of time to get repaired. In that case, imagine the kind of trouble you will have to face to recover the data. Sometimes, things get worse and you cannot retrieve your data. If things go beyond your control, then you will have to purchase a new laptop altogether. Laptops are costly, and their extra costs of repair can further add to the distress. Any damage to the laptop can lead to heavy economic losses in its repair. To avoid these kinds of problems, consider getting laptop insurance plans by Bajaj Finserv, an insurance aggregator under its Pocket Insurance Plan & Subscriptions. Other than laptop insurance plans, it also offers the best mobile insurance.

Laptop Insurance Plan

The coverage will largely depend on one of the best laptop insurance plans you have. However, the forms of coverage usually involve the following:

  • Repair or replacement of screen: The laptop’s screen is one of the most usually damaged parts on a laptop. It is easily vulnerable to damage as it is thin. If you drop the laptop, then the screen can be damaged or the entire display. The screen is usually sent for a replacement since it is not repaired easily. Moreover, the cost ranges from 10-15 per cent of the selling price of a laptop. The role of laptop insurance comes in to protect you in this situation and cover the screen repair or replacement costs.
  • Liquid Leakage: Considering the laptop’s portability, it can be used anywhere with greater ease, i.e., on your dining table, in a restaurant, or while watching a movie. Since you are carrying it anywhere, hence there are more probabilities of getting damaged. All-inclusive laptop insurance plans will offer you coverage against repair and replacement.
  • Mechanical or Other Similar Damage: Most insurance plans mention the brands covered in the insurance plan. Besides, this ensures that you are not purchasing a laptop that suffers mechanical or electrical faults. But, if it faces any such errors, you can get it replaced or repaired and claim with your insurance service provider.
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On the other hand, a charger is one of the most vital accessories to keep the device up and running. To avoid any disruption or damage to the charger, consider taking the proper protection cover for it. Laptop Charger Insurance from Bajaj Finserv under its Pocket Insurance Plan offers coverage against any financial crunch that occurred due to theft, accidental damage, or breakdown of laptop charger.

  • Theft or Fraud: Suppose you are a professional and working on a critical project proposal that needs to be submitted to invite a bid. You are one day away from delivering the proposal. But unfortunately, your laptop is stolen. Although you can restart the work and finish it in the next two to three days, can you manage to pay for a new laptop straightaway? If you have one of the best laptop insurance plans that incorporated burglary, you could have purchased a new laptop by utilizing your savings or through an EMI option and filed an insurance claim with the service provider.

A distinctive feature of laptop insurance is the extended warranty insurance. The manufacturer or seller of the laptop will provide you an extra warranty over the market standard using this insurance.