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The 11 Most Important SEO Tips You Need to Know

There are many SEO tips out there. Some of them work, some don’t. But there are two things that never change. First, we should always target keywords with the intention of increasing organic traffic. Second, create content focusing users and search engine.

Both B2B and B2C marketers want more search leads, because leads from organic result in 8.4x more clicks than paid search results.

As businesses become more aware of SEO opportunities, there is a huge market demand for search engine optimization. The problem is most SEO techniques are outdated and don’t provide values anymore. You need to focus on SEO strategies that works.

To rank your site higher in search engine you need to apply these SEO tips on your website. Let’s dive in:

Link to Other Websites with Relevant Content

I get e-mails every day asking me to link to websites that had relevant content. That’s what people look for when they’re searching online – links to other websites that have similar information. And Google rewards sites that provide quality backlinks by putting them high up in its search results.

Google has been running tests to see whether it should penalize sites that try to game its search algorithm. It’s still something that most experts think won’t happen, but it would be devastating if it did.

Write for Humans First, Search Engines Second

This goes against everything I’ve ever been taught about writing. When it comes to SEO, I was told to write like I talk: short sentences, simple words, clear language. But I love long paragraphs and complex vocabulary because those are the qualities that make my blog posts interesting.

Bloggers and content creators should focus on writing quality content first, and then worry about how search engines rank them. Search engines shouldn’t be prioritized over human readers, because they’re not actually looking for anything.

Make sure the content you create are error-free. You can use free online proofreading tools to proofread your content.

Search spiders are just scripts they never buy anything. They don’t engage on social media or become a loyal customer. A copywriter like you should be your one to go to resource for content marketing. You’ll be surprised how much money you make by helping others.

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Don’t worry about search engines. Write content that helps users. Users will thank you!

Encourage Other Trustworthy Sites to Link to You

Bloggers link to me because I create quality content. My blog posts drive traffic to my website and increase my SEO ranking. I invest a lot of money and time into writing an article or video.

When you create quality content, you’ll get links naturally. You don’t need to spend time trying to attract links. Instead, focus your efforts on producing high-quality content.

To speed up the process you can also outreach other bloggers to link your content.

Have Web Analytics in Place at the Start

It’s no secret that Google wants to be able to tell where you are on the web. That’s why it introduced the Knowledge Graph cards.

In order to help Google display this information, you must have web analytics in place. The best tools include Google Analytics, CrazyEgg, and HotJar. You may find some affordable Appsumo lifetime deals on web analytics tools.

You want to know which pages on your site are converting visitors into leads and sales. There are many ways to measure conversion rates. One common metric is the number of visitors who click through to another page after viewing your site.

The goal here is to convert as many visitors as possible into buyers.

Write Unique and Relevant Meta Descriptions for Every Page

Meta descriptions aren’t just for product pages. Use meta descriptions to describe any page on your website. If you do this right, you can optimize each page for different keywords without having duplicate content issues.

A good example of this is a post about “How To Make Money Online.” Most people read the headline first, so it doesn’t really matter what text you use there.

However, if you add an additional description, such as “Learn How To Make $70/Day From Home” or “Get Paid to Read Books,” it makes sense to use these phrases elsewhere on your site.

Use Long Keywords to Drive Traffic

Keyword stuffing isn’t effective anymore, especially with the rise of Google’s Hummingbird update. Don’t stuff your articles with random keywords.

Instead, concentrate on using longer phrases that contain multiple keywords. This will ensure that users find your content when searching related terms.

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There are two types of long keywords: general and specific. General keywords are more useful than specific ones.

General keywords are used to attract visitors from all over the world. For example, you might use the keyword phrase “how to start a blog.”

Specific keywords are less popular. People usually search for something specific, such as “best WordPress plugins for beginners.”

If you use the term “how to start a business,” you’ll notice that there’s a higher chance of someone typing it in directly instead of using a search engine.

That means you’re losing out on potential conversions. By using longer keywords, you’ll improve your chances of being found by users searching for those phrases.

Create Great Headlines Using LSI Words

Headline tags are one of the most important parts of your HTML code. They are the first thing visitors see when they land on your website.

Your headline should grab their attention and encourage them to keep reading. It needs to be short and sweet, but still convey enough information to entice readers to click.

Make sure your headlines use words that are part of the Long Tail Pro (LSI) package, including synonyms like “get paid to,” “make money online,” and “earn extra cash.”

This increases the likelihood that your visitors will actually click on your link.

Use a Simple and Readable URL Structure

When you type in a web address, you need to make sure that it’s easy to understand.

For instance, consider how easy it would be for a visitor to figure out where a certain article is located on your site. URLs are often written like this:

However, if you look at the URL above, it seems confusing because of the numbers and letters. By doing this, you give visitors a clear idea of what they can expect to find on your site.

Build Momentum with Social Signals

Social signals are very powerful tools that help build links back to your website. These include things like Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Pinterest shares, and Reddit subscribers.

You can also create posts on other sites, such as Quora and LinkedIn, which will also boost your rankings.

The number of social signals you have determines how much weight they carry. The more you have, the better.

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Use the Right Keywords in Images

Images are an important part of any page or post on your site. You may even want to add images to every single article on your site.

But don’t just slap up some stock photos and call it a day. Instead, try adding unique text that includes keywords.

To do this, use free image editing software, such as GIMP, Photoshop Express, or Pixlr.

Then, paste your keywords into each image on your site. If you’re looking to increase organic traffic, you should also use these techniques to optimize your landing pages.

This ensures that people who visit your site will know exactly what they’re getting themselves into.

Publish Unique Content Consistently to Improve SEO

One of the best ways to get more organic traffic from Google is through high quality content.

If you publish regularly, then your audience will grow over time. And, the more people who read your articles, the better your odds of ranking well in search engines.

So, make sure you come up with new ideas all the time! This doesn’t mean you have to write a whole book about something.

Instead, simply share your expertise in areas that others might not know about. For example, you could answer questions on Quora related to your niche. Or, you could offer advice on topics that you’ve been researching.

SEO Tips Conclusion

I hope you’ve found these SEO tips helpful. If you followed the tips above, you’d be on your way to better rankings and more traffic here’s a few final tips: If you’ve published something in the past that’s now irrelevant to users, especially since the recent google updates, work to update that article.

Or worst case scenario, 301 redirect it into a newer, fresher article on your website. That way, you could retain the links, social media shares, etc that it’s already earned.

Long-tail search phrases are more important than short ones. Link building should be done with high-quality links. Don’t go overboard with link building. Mobile friendliness is very important for ranking well.

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