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Standard Techniques Used in Sports Physiotherapy

Sydney is among the most expensive cities across the globe. Despite the cost of living, it ranks 10th of the most livability places in the world. In other words, Sydney is a beautiful place to raise a family, study, or work. The most booming industries in the city are manufacturing, retail trade, and health care, like sports physiotherapy.

One of the most physically demanding industries is sports. Besides being an exhilarating activity, it can be the cause of all sorts of injuries. Athletes put a lot of stress on their body when they do their high-level performance. This situation requires sports physiotherapy in Sydney to help these active individuals get better from an injury and prevent it. Sports physiotherapists use different methods to manage injuries from muscle tears, stress fractures, sprains, and shin splints.

Sports physiotherapists have many roles and responsibilities to help their patients, including:

  • Assessing the injury and finding out the root cause
  • Using a multi-disciplinary approach and working with a team of other professionals
  • Creating a customised treatment plan and a realistic timescale for the recovery period
  • Implementing injury prevention
  • Helping to increase strength and enhance certain body parts

Sports injuries are different from daily injuries; hence, sports physiotherapy is dedicated to treating and evaluating injuries brought about by sports activities. The following are common sports physiotherapy methods that physiotherapists use when dealing with athletes and players in different sports:

Biomechanical Analysis

This process studies the motion of the human body to determine the cause of an injury. Using various methods of physiotherapy, biomechanics can also prevent the recurrence of an injury. Sports physiotherapists use various forms of biomechanical analysis, such as gait analysis, running analysis, and motion capture analysis. Furthermore, they may use sports biomechanics involving throwing, swimming, sprinting, and many others.

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Soft Tissue Massage Technique

Soft tissue massage therapy is an effective way to relieve tension after a sports event or a rigorous physical session. One of the best treatment methods in sports physiotherapy in Sydney is soft tissue massage, which focuses on the muscles, connective tissues, and ligaments. This massage therapy comprises different levels of massage pressures, depths, and durations. In general, they aim to heal muscular tissues, increase blood circulation, decrease muscle spasm, and relieve joint inflammation.

Early Injury Treatment

A sportsperson who disregards or has no idea of the early symptoms of an injury is likely to suffer from severe injuries. Often, it begins with mild pain in certain parts of the body. When the body is in that state, and you continue to perform intense activities, the condition can result in severe physical afflictions.

In sports physiotherapy, early injury treatment consists of hot or cold treatment and plenty of rest. In particular, Ice treatment is effective in alleviating swelling and pain of soft tissues due to muscle tears, bruising, or ligament sprains.

Joint Mobilisation

Athletes usually suffer from chronic joint pain due to continuous and intense training sessions. The high-jumpers and the sprinters are often the common victims of joint pain. Any sportsperson who participates in an activity that places too much pressure on the joints is also prone to joint pain.

Joint mobilisation treatment solution aims to reach a standard range of coordination of the muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments that are pain-free. There are mobility exercises and joint mobilisation techniques, such as flexion-distraction, Kaltenborn, or Maitland physio technique that remarkably restore the movement of the joint.

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There are many other techniques and exercises used in sports physiotherapy, depending on the sports injury. Sports physiotherapy goes beyond treating and preventing injuries, as it also encompasses maintenance and recovery of the musculoskeletal. Make sure to choose a sports physiotherapist who can design a customised plan for you, including flexibility, cardiovascular exercises, and strength training, to name a few.

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