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The Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2023 & Beyond

When redesigning and redecorating your kitchen, you should look to your own sources of inspiration, both in terms of design aesthetic and overall functionality.

However, if you and the rest of your family are people who enjoy having their finger on the proverbial pulse of style and fashion, then you have certainly clicked on the right article. Continue reading to discover the top kitchen design trends for 2023 and beyond.

Family Focused Areas

With more and more people working in a different way to the more traditional nine-to-five professional day, and instead working from home, there is more hustle and bustle in many people’s houses throughout the day.

Kitchen design trends seem to have encapsulated this, and one of the major fashion shifts in terms of kitchen décor is to focus on comfortable family seating in the kitchen. Additionally, this trend is also inclusive of family pets, too, and kitchen islands that include a built-in feeding station for pets would be both impressive and make your pet even happier.

Two-Tone Wood

For many years, basically after the break of the millennium, there has been a huge emphasis on metalwork and modern designs for kitchens, regardless of the shape and size of the space.

However, for 2023 and beyond, there is a sizeable shift happening in terms of the materials used in kitchen design and renovation, namely the move to not only natural woods but counters and cabinets of the two-tone wooden variety.

Stained Glass

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, kitchen design was always focused around a clean, minimalist, and bright white space, and it was only afterward that designers began to expand their thinking when it came to colors, shapes, and general aesthetics.

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Fast-forward to 2023, and one of the top predictions in kitchen design is in direct contrast to the pure spaces of the 1980s, with stained glass windows and kitchen cabinet panels starting to trend in kitchen planning.

Stained glass will add a strong touch of elegance and class to your kitchen, and if you choose to install stained glass panels into your top cabinets, you can keep them clean and free from the risk of breakage.

Specific Areas of Lighting

Finally, when it comes to the top kitchen interior design trends of 2023, no stylish and on-trend kitchen would be complete without the installation of subtle, under-the-counter and cabinet lighting strips.

Beautiful and truly original French lighting designs from ligne roset furniture bromley are also trending, so combining subtle under lights with a large, statement light in the ceiling will finish off your new, stylish, and elegant kitchen perfectly.

If you are feeling extra brave when it comes to redecorating your kitchen with a much more modernistic style in mind, then industrial lighting pendants and strip lighting will set your space apart from those kitchens of your friends and family members. Soon, you will be choosing to spend the entire evening enjoying your kitchen instead of relaxing on the couch in the living room!

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