Essential Things that do Not Come Under Personal Accident Insurance

In India, every minute a serious road accident occurs and 16 die due to the same in an hour. In a similar context, more than 1,200 road crashes are witnessed in India, and 377 individuals die, in a day. In most cases (25%), two-wheeler motor vehicles are accountable for road crashes.  These accidents mostly occur […]


Why Should One Avail a Health Insurance Policy?

The rising incidences of deaths through non-communicable diseases (NCDs) such as cardiovascular ailments, lung problems, cancer, etc. in India are alarming. More than 38 million individuals in India die due to NCDs every year. More than 16 million such deaths occur among individuals below the age of 70 years. Cardiovascular diseases alone claim more than […]

Infographic Insurance

Make Your Stay at Australia a Pocket-Friendly One With An Overseas Health Insurance Cover

Sam visited Australia last month without an Overseas Health Insurance Cover and met with a minor accident there! He had to rush to the local public hospital and paid a huge bill! After that, he was short of money and had to cancel many plans and came back early to his country! Sam is not […]