Why You Should Track Your Business Expenses Daily

Tracking your business expenses on a daily basis makes you aware of your expenses done on regularly. It gives you a knowledge of income and expense to control your expenses and try to overcome it. By tracking business expenses daily, you can control costs, and see what you are spending your money on and how […]


How to Create a Monthly Budget- Budget Planning

Do you know where your money is going each month? Do you know where it went yesterday? It is really important to keep track of your expenses. It is useful to make a budget for your future planning.Tracking your spending helps you to identify the expenses and you can control it. If you know the […]


TakeFin Finance – Business & Personal Finance Tracking

Takefin is the solution to your financial management needs. This smart finance tracker app allows you to add, track, and monitor finance for small business enterprises and individuals effortlessly. Add department wise finance records and manage it through your mobile device. This finance tracker app allows an individual, as well as small businesses for quick […]


What are the Biggest Challenges For Small Business

Business is an activity that demands management, leadership, and enthusiasm. You will need to face everyday new challenges and problems while running it. There are so many common business problems like finding customers, generating leads, building an email list, hiring the right people for the job, controlling finance and expenses, etc. Many times, you’ll find […]

Personal Finance Tracker
Business Finance

How Personal Finance App Helps to Control Your Expenses

Are you able to manage personal expenses? Do you know what is personal finance?  Managing an expense or money or spending is not an easy thing to do. Personal finance is a term that covers your spending and saving money. Personal finance includes budgeting, investment, tax, etc. It is all about meeting personal financial goals […]