Pillows Boxes and Other Options for Gift Packaging

Gifts are special for recipients as well as for the people who give them. Whether it is about giving business gifts or to the loved ones and friends, they have their own importance. Due to this, the packaging of gift items must be carefully selected so it can amplify the charm of gifts. No one wants to destroy the outlook of expensive gifts by using ordinary packaging for them. Therefore, if you are in a business of selling gift items then you must use stylish packaging boxes for packaging. Apart from Pillow Boxes, there are plenty of box styles and design options that make excellent gift packaging.

Gable boxes for gifts Pillow Boxes

Gable shape boxes are usually used for the fast food packaging but they are also very popular for the packaging of gifts. Especially when they are printed with the theme of the events like Christmas, Easter and new year. Plus, they are helpful in packaging of gifts that are larger in size because they have spacious base and are also taller than other packaging boxes. For special treats and favors packaging, the gable boxes are customized with die cut window on the boxes from which people can see inside the box. Also, these boxes are added with handle to carry the product easily, as there is enough space inside the box to keep multiple items. The outlook of the gable boxes is different from the other shapes of boxes and are made from cardboard and Kraft material. Gable are safe because they have an upright design that allow the box to stay straight which is the guarantee for product protection. Still, the design and overall structure of the box is suitable to use them for the purpose of shipping and transportation.

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Rigid boxes bring class to gifts

Rigid material is made by joining multiple cardboard layers and it makes the board non bendable and very hard. When the box is made with this material, it requires special machinery and skills of labor to prepare a good packaging box out of it. Mostly it comes in black color and are added with various inserts that make the products look beautiful and elegant inside the box. Rigid boxes are used for gift packaging because they are totally different from the cardboard and Kraft boxes in terms of outlook, weight, presentation and style. There are various styles of boxes that are made from rigid material, this include snap shut boxes, shoulder boxes, two piece boxes and also sleeve boxes. They are also used for sampling and promotional items but also look very graceful when gifts are packed inside them.

Shoulder boxes for business gifts

In corporate sectors, gifts are given to appreciate the employees on their achievement and on retirement as well. These gifts can be anything like shield, photo frames or a photo album that needs a appropriate packaging. Such products are packed inside shoulder boxes that have a huge base made with rigid material. They are made in cube as well as in rectangular shape according to the type of product you want to pack. After customization, companies add their logo and trademark on the boxes to keep the identity of the company with the box. Having a hard structure, these boxes keep the sensitive products like perfume safe during shipping and transportation. Hence, they completely protect the business gifts and add elegance to their outlook as well.

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Magnetic closure boxes

Some rigid boxes have special features in their opening and closing pattern. The magnet is installed on the flap of the box that let the box to lock itself tightly with the help of magnet. These boxes are used for business gift packaging, books packaging and for sending hand written messages in an organization. Best part about the magnetic closure boxes is that they are customizable, printable and are a perfect source to impress your friends by giving it for gift packaging.

Four corner boxes

In every birthday party, cakes are important and without this birthday cannot be celebrated. The cake is usually packed in a very decorated box that look exciting and special. These boxes are called four corner boxes and various embellishment add-ons can be added on them on demand. Your cake boxes must also be customized like gift boxes and must be printed with the birthday themes and appropriate pictures on them. Hence, if you are confectioner and owns a bakery then you must order four corner gift boxes for cake packaging because they give a good impression to the guests invited on the birthday party.

Soap Boxes

Add-ons on cardboard gift boxes

When cardboard boxes are customized with decorative add-ons and stylish printing designs, they can make any ordinary product a gift item. Even the Soap Boxes for gift giving can be prepared by adding various add-ons like ribbons, laces and embellishments. Likewise, if you want to gift any item like wrist watch, jewelry or neck tie, numerous options are there for decoration that will add up to the charisma of the gift item.

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