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How to Backup Outlook Emails to Gmail Online

Creating a data backup is always a good option. So, in a situation where people are unable to access the data due to data deletion; they can restore it from a backup file.

Likewise, the users who are working with Outlook want to keep a backup of all their messages, calendar events, and contacts to other platforms. So, they can access their data from anywhere and restore it in catastrophic data loss disaster too.

As we know, Gmail is the most trusted and popular free webmail service around the world as it provides lots of features. Due to which users want to export their Outlook emails to Gmail online.

Now, the question arises that- how to save Outlook data items to Google account? So, in this article, we are going to discuss all the methods that let you know how to backup Outlook emails to Gmail.

Methods to Export All Outlook Emails to Gmail Account

We can perform the Outlook backup task into Google account in two different ways;

Approach #1 – Export Outlook Mail Folders to Gmail Via. GSMMO Utility

GSMMO stands for G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outlook, a free tool provided by Google. It is used to transfer the PST file in a free Gmail or G Suite account.

With the use of GSMMO, one can backup all data like mails, contacts, and calendar from Outlook data file to Gmail. Follow the below-mentioned instructions to use GSMMO in order to copy Outlook email to Gmail.

Step 1 :- First of all, install and setup the GSMMO tool in your system from its official website –

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Step 2 :- Afterward, launch GSMMO application.

Step 3 :- Then, enter your Gmail account ID and click on the Continue button.

Enter Gmail credential to migrate .pst file

Step 4 :- For account authentication, you will redirect to the browser where you want to select the Gmail account that was entered earlier.


Step 5 :- Click on Allow to grant permission for the migration process.


Step 6 :- Now, choose the PST file whose data you want to backup in Gmail. Then click on the Next button.


Step 7 :- After all this, you can customize the migration process according to your needs and click on the Migrate button. Here, you can select Outlook Messages, Contacts, and Calendars for the export task.


Step 8 :- Once you have done with the above step, the GSMMO tool will display a complete status of ongoing task on the screen.

Step 9 :- Once the migration process gets completed, a message will pop-up on the screen that “Migration Completed”.

Step 10 :- Time to open the Gmail account and verify the PST file gets imported or not.

Important Note: Before using GSMMO tool users must have Microsoft Outlook installed into their system. Otherwise, it will not work.

Approach #2 – Export & Backup Emails from Outlook to Gmail OnlineVia. Smart Utility

It is evident from above that it is impossible to work with GSMMO utility in the absence of Outlook application. So, try to use Outlook to Google Mail Migration Software, in a situation where user wants to backup PST file in Gmail without taking account of Outlook.

It is an automated utility that backup Outlook data – Email, Contact, Calendar into free Gmail or Google Apps accounts without compromising the data quality. Furthermore, the software has outstanding features which is mentioned below.

  • Takes backup of Password Protected PST files into multiple Gmail accounts.
  • Export data from Outlook ANSI & UNICODE .pst file
  • Provide an option to remove duplicate contacts while taking backup of PST file
  • Retain entire email metadata after moving email from Outlook to G Suite.
  • Option to Exclude Sent Items, Deleted Items and Junk E-mail from PST file during export task.
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After understanding the features, let’s see how the tool works.

Step 1 :- Download and install the software

Step 2 :- After installation, upload the PST file via Add File, Add Folder and Add CSV option.

Step 3 :- In the next window, enter the credential of Gmail account in which you want to backup Outlook emails and validate the account.

Step 4 :- Apply advanced filter for data backup and click on the Export button.

Bringing It All Together

That’s all about how to backup Outlook email to the Gmail Online account. So, in this article, we have discussed two methods for different situations. Now, it is up to the user which method they want to use to export Microsoft Outlook data.

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